Why Broccoli

Why do we make our bread out of broccoli ?

Bread is such a brilliant product. It’s pretty much the oldest surviving foodstuff in history (preceded only by beer). Every culture seems to have it’s own version – be it Middle Eastern flat bread, Indian naan, Italian ciabatta or a traditional loaf.

All of these have a similar base to them with flour (almost always wheat flour) at the core of the recipe.

The flour (read wheat flour in the vast majority of cases) contributes almost pure carbohydrate which digests very quickly to glucose. The amount and speed of glucose it gives us and the lack of nutrients in the raw ingredients means that bread is at best neutral for our health. In many cases people do feel bloated, have sugar crashes and struggle to maintain or lose weight when eating a lot of it.

So let’s take a product that we all enjoy but make it incredibly healthy…