How Broccoli

How do we make our bread out of broccoli ?

Our Broccoli Bread recipe…

Our recipe is naturally very important to us. We can’t publish the full list of cooking instructions but we are very happy to talk about the core of how we get from raw broccoli to a range of sandwiches.

The broccoli flour is the most important component.

Start by only taking the broccoli florets. The stalk has most of the stored sugar and a lot of water. This does not help the taste, the texture or the nutritional aspirations of the bread. We take our broccoli florets we cook them for only a couple of minutes to retain as many nutrients as possible. These are then drained and carefully dehydrated to remove some of the water. The resulting broccoli florets are then combined with some gluten free fibre as well as some fresh herbs and milled to a flour. This flour is the main constituent of the bread.

Other ingredients involved in our super healthy bread

From this point we proceed in a similar way to a standard bread recipe but we omit yeast so that bloating problems are avoided. Air natural gets in the the mix during kneading and mixing. There is some added egg white and a small amount of soft cheese to boost the protein content and help with the texture and moisture. Hence the bread is not suitable for people who have intolerance or dietary preferences that include any of the ingredients mentioned. We then choose our sandwich fillings appropriately to compliment the broccoli bread. Hope this answers any questions or queries that anyone has about our bread.