The healthiest sandwiches in London 

The lowest calorie, lowest carbohydrate sandwiches using the UK's lowest calorie, lowest carbohydrate bread !

Available to all ! Our products are Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Yeast-Free, Soy-Free and suitable for diabetics

All Plan Bread sandwiches are made with our revolutionary broccoli bread. A selection of the myriad of attributes... 

- Lower Calorie than any other sandwiches / wraps in London

- Lower Carb than even most salads using our carb free bread

- More than 3x the fibre you get in high fibre breakfast cereals

- The vitamin C of a whole orange 

- also the high protein content means they will fill you up for the whole afternoon

These freshly made sandwiches use only natural produce and are perfectly suitable for all reputable diet plans including Paleo, 5:2, Atkins, South Beach, Dukan and many others.

We invite you to check out the nutritional content of all of the sandwiches on our sandwich info page

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All sandwiches made with our unique #BroccoliBread

- Roast Chicken Tikka

mango chutney - £4.5

- Shredded Beef & Hoisin Sauce

spring onion & cucumber - £4.5

- Roast Chicken Sundried Tomato

rocket leaf - £4.5

- Ham, Emmental & Milano Salami

sour cream & rocket - £4.5

- Roast Chicken & Bacon

guacamole - £4.5

- Tuna & Creamed Corn

rocket leaf - £4.5

- Smoked Salmon & Prawns

light cream cheese - £4.5

- Baked Tofu Fajita (v)

roasted red peppers - £4.5

All are designed to be low calorie & low carb